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53 Best Kitchen and Cooking Gifts for 2020 53 Best Kitchen and Cooking Gifts for 2020
RepublishReprint Photo by Joseph De Leo, Prop Styling by Anne Eastman GIFTS FOR THE TABLE We’ve been eating so... 53 Best Kitchen and Cooking Gifts for 2020

Photo by Joseph De Leo, Prop Styling by Anne Eastman


We’ve been eating so many more meals at home this year than we planned to—and our dishware shows it. An upgraded set of pasta bowls, beautiful drinking glasses, or serving utensils would be a welcome addition to anyone’s daily tabletop, and feels special enough to shine once we can have company again.

Mosser Glass Shallow Bowls

Pasta bowls are the ideal eating vessel (for way more than pasta), and these babies from Mosser Glass are some of the best in the category. Solid but not overly heavy and made from a gorgeous, milky-blue tinted glass, they’ll quickly take over the top spot in your dinner plate rotation.

Photo of four Chelsea Blue Tinted Glass Nesting Shallow Bowls by Mosser Glass.

Mosser Glass Tinted Nesting Shallow Bowls, Set of 4

Ferm Living Smoke Ripple Glasses

These stackable drinking glasses are mouth-blown and undeniably pretty. Use them as everyday water glasses or to bring a bit of edge to a dinner party table.

Photo of a set of 4 Ripple Glasses by Ferm Living.

Ferm Living Ripple Glasses, Set of 4

Duralex Amber Bowls

An unexpected amber color and unique shape (those handles!) make these bowls a stellar tabletop upgrade. At a little under 5½ inches wide, they’re the right size for side salads, cereal, and ice cream sundaes.

Photo of an amber bowl from the French Glass Dinnerware set by Duralex.

Duralex French Amber Glass Bowls, Set of 6

Sabre Servers

These serving utensils from Sabre are simple and chic, with just enough modern toughness—great for the host who’s missing entertaining.

Photo of a Stainless Steel Serving Set by Sabre

Sabre Stainless Steel Servers

Areaware Totem Pillar Candles

Geometric candles are the new dining table must-have, and these angular numbers from Areaware are right on trend. The set of three is varied in shape and size for a mismatched but cohesive look.

Photo of a set of Totem Pillar Candles by Areaware.

Areaware Totem Pillar Candles, Set of 3

Caldo Linen Dinner Napkins

Simply adding pretty linen napkins to the table can make any meal a Real Thing. Pick up a pack for a few people on your list, plus some extras to give as host gifts throughout 2021.

Photo of Mustard Gallery Linen Napkins by Caldo.

Caldo Linen Dinner Napkins, Set of 4

Bole Road Abren Placemats

These handwoven mats are subtle and natural, with an imperfect design that looks good on any table.

Photo of an Arben Placemat by Bolé Road.

Abren Cotton Placemats, Set of 4

Photo by Joseph De Leo, Prop Styling by Anne Eastman


For the person who’s gotten really into bread this year—or the long-time cookie expert in your life—fancy baking tools make a no-brainer gift. We love these pretty kitchen staples and fun upgrades, all of which are sure to inspire a flour-fueled project or two. 

Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin

This modern take on the classic French tapered rolling pin comes with silicone rings that you slide onto either end, so you can be sure you’re rolling out pie crust pastry and sugar cookie dough to an exact, equal thickness every time.

Photo of a Five Two Adjustable French-Style Rolling Pin by Food 52.

Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin

Bamboozle Nesting Mixing Bowls

It turns out there is a best set of mixing bowls, and this bamboo set is it. We love that they’re tall rather than wide, and very easy to store.

Photo of a set of Bamboo Mixing Bowls by Crate + Barrel.

Bamboo Mixing Bowls (Set of 5)

Gold Measuring Cups

Not everyone would like to receive a set of gold measuring cups, but it is 100 percent the right vibe for a very specific person. It’s possible you know and love such a person.

product image

Acacia Wood and Gold Measuring Cups

Raaka Baking Chocolate

Brooklyn chocolate darling Raaka now sells bags of baking chocolate, for melting into ganache or folding into cookies. It’s sweetened with maple syrup, and made with unroasted cacao, which highlights the chocolate’s natural bright, fruity flavors. It’s particularly great for desserts that combine chocolate and fruit, so give it to somebody who would really like this soufflé.

Photo of a bag of Maple Unroasted Dark Baking Chocolate by Raaka.

Raaka Chocolate Unroasted Single-Origin Baking Chocolate (Set of 2)

Anova Precision Oven

This is not just another bulky countertop appliance. The Anova smart convection oven regulates temperature with, well, precision, and uses the power of steam to bake the best bread you’ve ever baked.

Photo of the Smart Oven by Anova.

Estelle Colored Glass Cake Stand

Every single thing that Estelle Colored Glass makes is gift-worthy, but if you’re after just one piece, make it this stunner of a cake stand. It comes in 10 color options, but we’re partial to this vibrant and festive emerald green.

Photo of a Mint Green Cake Stand by Estelle Colored Glass.

Estelle Colored Glass Cake Stand

Hay Enamel Tray

You can bake directly in this miniature, enameled steel tray, but it makes a lovely serving dish as well. The speckled look, reminiscent of campingware, gives it a rustic appeal.

Photo of an Enamel Tray by HAY.

Moma Swirl Enamel Baking Dish

We love this tiny marbled dish as a cookie plate or catch-all. It’s also oven- and dishwasher-safe, so it’s as practical as it is striking.

product image

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