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Instant Pot Cooking Times for Rice, Quinoa, and Other Grains
Wondering how long to cook rice, quinoa, farro, and a host of other grains in the Instant Pot? This temperature chart provides all the info you need! Print Photography Credit: Coco Morante Are you a convert to cooking rice in your Instant Pot? If... Read more
How to Make Tempura at Home: Expert Tips From 2 Tempura Chefs
NS: Yokota-San is one of the few who really does it quite raw in the center. Many others have just a tiny bit of rawness in the center, but are mostly cooked. But if you want to try it at home, you can get... Read more
Bombay Masala Chile Cheese Toasties recipe
Melty, cheesy, crunchy, spicy—these sandwiches, a street food favorite in India, check all the boxes. There’s a tender potato filling, crisp vegetables, and oozing cheese tucked between golden bread that’s spread with an invigorating green chutney. To take this lunch really over the top... Read more
Granola Scones Recipe | Bon Appétit
“These scones are full of flavors and textures reminiscent of a granola bar,” writes Roxana Jullapat in her cookbook Mother Grains (out April 2021). “They’re neither terribly sweet nor what a nutritionist would recommend to clients. They’re rich in fiber, omega-3s, antioxidants, and protein,... Read more
Homemade Pollo Campero (Central American–Style Fried Chicken) Recipe
The last time that my mom flew back from El Savador, I greeted her at LAX with an excited “Hi, Ma!” She responded with an urgent, “El Pollo Campero is in that maleta (suitcase).” Pollo Campero... Read more
How to Clean the Toughest Spots in the Kitchen
Welcome to Coming Clean, a monthly column where writer Lauren Viera finds the best products for the toughest-to-clean parts of the kitchen. Along the way, she just might convince you (and herself) to actually enjoy this whole cleaning thing. Everyone has that one spot... Read more
Fried cheese toasties with avocado
Fried cheese toasties with avocado : Cheese toasties just got naughtier: pan-fried with butter, the French way. Serve with sliced avocado and lime juice for a delicious contrast of hot and crunchy with cold and yielding – and a clearer conscience! More Details… Read more
Pickled Beets Recipe | Bon Appétit
Quick-pickling is an excellent way to punch up and preserve mild root vegetables like beets. Add them to grain bowls (like this sorghum salad) for flavor and texture and use the leftover pickling liquid to dress sautéed vegetables for a colorful side dish. This... Read more
Pozole Verde: A New Vegetarian Recipe
You could have an unforgiving day at work, an unexpected late night, a bad hangover, or a sudden broken heart—no matter what it is that ails you, it can be soothed by a bowl of pozole. That’s one reason the hearty, filling, one-stop-stews are... Read more
Sesame Crème Recipe | Bon Appétit
This creamy vegan sauce comes from Maricela Vega, the chef at Atlanta restaurant 8ARM and founder of Chicomecóatl, an organization centering the foodways of Indigenous Mexican diaspora. Cashews are often used to create dairy-free condiments, but Vega’s desire to work with regional harvests inspired her to use... Read more